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Trading Technology Buyer's Guide

A Guide to Modern Front-Office Solutions for the Way You Trade Today

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Firms need investment technology that keeps pace with the challenges and opportunities facing today's market. But how do you know which solution is right for your firm? And how can you tell which technology is best suited to help you generate alpha?

Whether you are looking to buy, upgrade, or change systems, you will come away from this guide with a new understanding of how to apply the technical options available to you today to set your firm up for success in the future.

What's Inside

  • In-depth look at the front-office technology available to investment managers today
  • Detailed analysis of the Order Management System (OMS), Execution Management System (EMS), and their evolution into the OEMS 
  • Exploration of the characteristics of a next-gen OEMS
  • Overview of the industry trends driving shifts in investment technology
  • Considerations to help you in your front-office technology vendor research and selection process


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