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Case Study: Salt Rock Capital Partners Implements Eze Portfolio Management & Accounting

About Salt Rock Capital

Salt Rock Capital Partners, based in London, was formed in 2013 to provide a discretionary global macro investing strategy. It was started by experienced fund manager Mark Painting, with co-founder Rowan Levy heading up the operations side. Soon after launch, they set up managed accounts, which enabled them to grow quickly to an AUM of over $300MM.

The Challenge

Salt Rock invests in developed and liquid emerging markets, across multiple asset classes and time horizons. 

Strategically, it focuses on policy and policy changes, and trades in the best risk-adjusted opportunities that these give rise to. In terms of asset classes and instrument types, it normally trades FX (spots, forwards, and OTC options), equity, rates, index and commodity futures and options, along with some IRSs and single name equities added into the mix.  

In order to operate efficiently and demonstrate credibility, Salt Rock knew that "having a good portfolio management system was absolutely critical from the outset,” said co-founder Rowan Levy.


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