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Operational Efficiency To Stay Ahead: 2019 Outlook Report

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What are the biggest challenges facing asset managers in 2019, and how can technology help? Download this mini-report, courtesy of Clear Path Analysis, to hear insights from SS&C Eze’s Justin Sycamore, Blackrock’s Stacey Mullin Outhwaite, Investec’s Matthew Oakeley, LGIM’s Michael Marks and more:

What's In This Whitepaper

  • Operational Efficiency: what it means today, and why it will be a critical differentiator for asset managers in 2019
  • Artificial intelligence and robotic processes: when and how to incorporate automated helpers into your workflows
  • Automation and its impact on the investment management operation
  • The value of new technologies, and how to maximize it
  • The downside of legacy systems and the best approach for modernizing operations
  • The trend toward multi-asset investment management
  • And much more!


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