Case Study: Navemar Sees 14x Growth Since Launch on Eze Eclipse

About Navemar Capital Management

Founded in 2017 by Oliver Keller, Navemar Capital Management is a long/short equity hedge fund based in Boston, MA. Having launched in 2018 with 6M in AUM, Navemar focuses primarily on investing in US & European equities and has grown to more than 90M in assets under management since launching on Eze Eclipse.

The Challenge

The Navemar team had experienced the downsides of managing funds without an investment technology solution at prior firms and how that impacted efficiency, scalability, and operational risk. Manual processes were tedious and error prone, wasting valuable time that could have been spent on alpha-generating activities. Based on this experience, the Navemar team knew that a critical component of their future success was to consolidate their investment operations onto one platform.

With growth in mind, Navemar understood the importance of replacing manual investment processes with automation in order to scale efficiently and effectively.


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