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Eze Marketplace Partner: Vesel

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COMING SOON: Vesel is a unique data provider that empowers users to discover who the “Axe” is in the options market, providing full transparency with a single click, saving valuable time and money. As firms advertise post-trade option flows, Vesel users can transparently source liquidity which leads to best execution by exposing the most active dealers in securities.

Vesel provides you with a quick and insightful overview of options market dynamics, helping you stay ahead and navigate the world of trading with confidence. 

Key Benefits 

  • Identifies the key players any specific stock, market segment or industry
  • Take advantage of sell-side promotion of executed options flows.
  • Eliminate unnecessary work to find the leaders in a specific option or industry segment through transparent liquidity sourcing.  
  • Search for new relationships anonymously
  • Supports best execution
  • Identify new interest in specific options and industries, especially in thinly traded names
  • Provide stakeholders with real-time awareness of interests and motivations

Vesel League Tables  

  • Get a clear view of the dynamic world of options trading by ranking sell-side firms based on trades advertised within each sector and industry. 
  • Traders, investors, and analysts rely on Vesel League Tables to identify active participants and assess the prominence of different players in the options market.

Vesel Transparency Reports  

  • Based on unique advertised data of trades executed by select sell-side firms, Vesel offers a diverse range of report insights derived from 13F filings, personalized watch lists, sectors, industries, and even individual stock performances.  
  • Tailored to meet each client’s informational needs, these reports can be delivered on a flexible schedule, including daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

Vesel Volaxe™ tool  

  • This tool was designed for buy-side clients to send indications of interest to selected sell-side firms who have been identified as those who are the most active and likely the best source of liquidity. It is directional and effective, allowing users to communicate intentions in one interaction.  
  • This efficient tool enables clients to receive multiple responses on pricing, providing significant value in today's market. 
  • The tool also helps users keep track of everything that has been sent for better organization and oversight in one place.

Vesel Quick Find tool 

  • A one-stop solution for comprehensive stock data, this powerful tool consolidates all the essential information you need in one place, ensuring the best execution for your trades. 

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