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Eze Marketplace Partner: SteelEye

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COMING SOON: SteelEye offers a fully integrated trade surveillance solution that helps firms deal with the additional operational overhead and risk that comes from increasing trade surveillance regulations. Their asset-class agnostic solution provides an out-of-the-box, yet comprehensive, and customizable set of surveillance algorithms that analyze trades and orders for market manipulation, fraud, and generally suspicious activity. The user interface is intuitive, and the algorithms are easy to calibrate, schedule, and run – empowering firms with a robust and tailored trade surveillance system.

Key Benefits 

  • Strengthen risk detection and mitigation programs with forensic testing tools that detect manipulative practices and out-of-the-ordinary behavior 
  • Tailor trade surveillance to specific operating models thanks to a flexible system with configurable and customizable alerts  
  • Empower surveillance teams to spend more time investigating genuine risks and less time sifting through alerts with real-time back testing that allows for fine-tuning and reduces false positives 
  • Improve supervisory oversight and do more with a dynamic, intuitive dashboard that transforms trading activity into rich information that fosters action 
  • Get rapid time to value and a world-class surveillance solution with a plug-and-play integration, self-help calibration and support tools that simplify implementation and ongoing data management


Key Features 

  • Save time and extract maximum value thanks to a truly seamless, plug-and-play integration with your Eze Eclipse or Eze OMS platform 
  • Take advantage of a robust out-of-the-box surveillance package that includes key buy-side surveillance checks like MNPI/Insider Trading, Restricted Lists, Suspicious Activity as well as other trade activity monitoring tools 
  • Reduce total cost of ownership with SteelEye’s self-help configuration, calibration, and governance of surveillance checks 
  • Enjoy an intuitive user interface with advanced visualization tools that are complemented by rich market data and news that can be overlayed with trading information 
  • Utilize a fully auditable case manager for investigations, escalations, and legal-hold capability 
  • Get even more out of your SteelEye integration with additional add-ons available on-demand including Research Calendar Monitoring and more sophisticated algorithms 

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