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SS&C’s Treasury Management Platform

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Gain operational efficiencies, meet regulatory requirements, and maximize returns with the SS&C Treasury Management Platform that leverages three-plus decades of technological innovation and operational expertise focused on investment management.  

Key Benefits 

  • Shrink your IT footprint by eliminating multiple systems and awkward integrations 
  • Improve efficiency and eliminate manual tasks by managing your treasury online 
  • Enjoy increased agility and scalability with the improved ability to quickly adapt to changes in your business or the markets 
  • Take real-time action to maximize your returns


Key Features 

  • Take advantage of a comprehensive, independent, and cohesive data strategy in real time with the ability to receive data from external sources in multiple formats  
  • An easy-to-use responsive interface with click-through capability, exception-based approach and alerts, and Swift connectivity  
  • A fully scalable and customizable solution that supports the decision-making process by leveraging existing data and operations processes

Access an online store of ready-to-enable apps and other solutions

To learn how you can solve the challenges your firm faces fast with plug-and-play access to investment management apps and other solutions, click below.  

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Are You Looking to Become a Marketplace Partner?

Powered by a secure, real-time data sharing architecture, the Eze Marketplace framework enables developers to build solutions that are deeply embedded and interact directly with SS&C Eze platforms. Share your solutions with thousands of buy-side users on Eze Marketplace. Contact us to learn more.