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Eze Marketplace Partner: Omega Point

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COMING SOON: Turn data into decisions. Omega Point makes it easy for investment professionals to harness the world's data and employ sophisticated, data-driven techniques in their investment process. Their open ecosystem enables clients to unlock single-point access to datasets, and an intuitive interface and API enables fast, sophisticated, data-driven decision-making across the organization.

Key Benefits 

  • Identify key drivers of portfolio performance, underlying exposures, & security contributors
  • Respond to investors with confidence by explaining with clarity the hidden forces that are acting on the portfolio 
  • Access to leading factor datasets and interactive tools that visualize how your portfolio is positioned against current market conditions, monitoring the portfolio’s net exposures & risks to these factors
  • Adopt responsive and repeatable data-driven processes into existing investment workflows, reducing time to answer questions to seconds
  • Evaluate the risk-adjusted efficiency of your capital deployment for total, sector, and factor bets
  • Easily overlay factor exposures from leading financial datasets
  • Access quant-enabled portfolio construction tools, including risk-enabled trade simulations, portfolio rebalance, ETF replacement, and custom basket creation workflows 


Key Features

  • Enjoy interactive asset and portfolio analysis with factor attribution breakdown
  • Analyze performance and factor exposure as well as risk trends to evaluate how the dynamic interplay of portfolio + market has played out on your portfolio
  • View portfolio, position, and standalone security level factor trends with out-of-range alerts
  • Match certain factor characteristics with an interactive screening and research tool that instantly finds new securities
  • A highly visual interface enables quick communication to investors and clients on how your portfolio has been impacted by any unwanted factor
  • Intuitive slicing-dicing tools enable analysis and evaluation of any segment in your portfolio as well as instant re-calculations for category/tag analysis
  • Add an exposure overlay to any security, category, or portfolio
  • Use a trade simulator to isolate fundamental views by adjusting individual position sizes while receiving instant feedback on the impact of these trades on the portfolio’s risk profile
  • Construct more precise hedge baskets using any target universe & specific criteria to offset targeted exposures

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