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Eze Marketplace Partner: GRMA (FinTech + Advisory)


COMING SOON! GRMA is a leading FinTech + Advisory firm that provides SaaS-based data aggregation, data curation, and outsourced reporting: regulatory, investor, portfolio, performance, risk management, and ESG for asset managers and asset owners. With a diverse suite of solutions, learn more about the one that may work for your firm. 

Key Benefits 

  • The power to handle all types of internal and external reporting  
  • Aggregate from multiple data sources 
  • Aggregate all types of public and private investment data  
  • Regulatory and investor reporting including Form PF and Form ADV 
  • GRMA solutions are a fund expense for many asset managers  
  • No lengthy implementation process and no technology to build or buy  
  • Comprehensive portfolio monitoring capabilities  
  • Enjoy a complete 360-degree view of your entire portfolio  




Report-Innovator is a SaaS-based and outsourced reporting application for both asset managers and asset owners that provides complete and cost-effective turnkey reporting solutions for: portfolio and risk management reporting, performance reporting, regulatory reporting, investor reporting, Board/Investment Committee Reporting and ESG reporting.  


Portfolio-Agg is a SaaS and Cloud-based solution for investment data aggregation, data normalization and data modeling and curated data to support all internal and external reporting. It can also serve as “data middleware” for a wide range of portfolio management, risk management, sales and marketing and accounting applications and systems used by asset managers and asset owners.  


PortfolioView is a SaaS-based dashboard and visualization solution for more efficiently managing investment-related data, and monitoring and visualizing investment portfolio data. This includes coverage for all asset classes—liquid and illiquid. PortfolioView is a superior portfolio management solution for clients that do not need order management and trade execution features.  

Access an online store of ready-to-enable apps and other solutions

To learn how you can solve the challenges your firm faces fast with plug-and-play access to investment management apps and other solutions, click below.  

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