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Case Study: Bennelong Funds Management Consolidates & Reduces Manual Processes by 80% with Eze Investment Suite

About Bennelong Funds Management

Bennelong Funds Management is a multi-boutique asset manager headquartered in Australia with subsidiaries across the United Kingdom and the United States. Established in 2006, Bennelong seeks to provide diversification through active investment management across Australian and global equities. With eight highly specialized Australian investment teams and global distribution focused on delivering alpha and reducing risk, Bennelong sets the stage for continued growth of their business.

The Challenge

Multi-boutique, active investment managers employ teams of differing strategies across a wide variety of asset classes, giving them the autonomy to make value adding investment decisions.

Bennelong needed a solution that would automate operational functions such as reconciliations, corporate actions, post-trade compliance, and regulatory reporting, as well as streamlined fund accounting processes.


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